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Lexa grinned and nodded, comprehending and feeling a spark of pride, she looked hard at Clarke and around them once more. When she books with Clarke, things start to heat up. It was too stupid for words to remain apart from each other for no valid reason, she wouldn't do it to herself and she wouldn't do it to Lexa. Lexa is an Alpha and Clarke likes it, the two fall in love in Polis and have adventures. Clarke already knew that sleeping with the Commander was breaking more than just the Chancellor's rules but she decided that her defence was going to be that they are only sleeping and had not talked politics at all! I'm really sorry if I make mistakes, english is not my mother tongue. Both frequently thought about the kiss they had shared, when Clarke had pulled back saying that she was not ready. Alpha Lexa and Clarke Lexa didn't betray Clarke, together they fought and irradiated the facility, Lexa returned to Polis. Please consider turning it on! Clarke knew better and for that reason decided to give Abby all her own way - let her screw it up all by herself ! She was certain that she, and only she, had Skaikru's best interest at heart and was the best person to negotiate terms with Heda for Mount Weather supplies and the alliance. “That’s a big step”, she would think as she gazed beyond the fence.

What happens when a new enemy arises? It turns out, however, that a union between their people might become a little more personal than she originally planned. After a few sips of that, Anya, without looking or speaking, placed her hand over Clarke's. She has to do something. But what happens when a strong, powerful alpha who fell from the sky figures out her secret? Heda had arrived with a small party; Indra, Anya, Lincoln, Octavia, Ryder and Nyko to meet with Chancellor Abby Griffin and Marcus Kane. Madi was 17, turned 18 tomorrow and was currently searching for her biological parents.
"But it is so small, Clarke, no fire. Lexa Woods, eminent paleontologist and professor at Polis University, was invited by Marcus Kane, an eccentric billionaire, to visit and possibly endorse his “theme park” after she gained some popularity on the Internet through a TED talk.A few days later, the 32-year-old brunette finds herself on a remote island with not-extinct-anymore dinosaurs, a beautiful blonde vet, and 2 kids. Journey with them as an old myth becomes new when the long forgotten story of Wanheda reappears. Well... that's what we thought. Lexa, sitting, looked about, noticing that the tent was very small, without much comfort and no fire! I know you will do what's best for our people. Raven continued to visit the pair and they plotted their escape. Will she find understanding in the darkness of her trials, or will it consume her forever? While on a school field trip with her father and her live in sister Raven the section that they are in breaks off from the Ark. Lexa hadn't been the same since her parents died 5 months ago. But there’s more to her than her beauty. Clarke thought she could read her, but she couldn't.

Hope you’ll give it a chance. Lexa moves away from the blonde haired girl trying to make sure that she wouldn't do something like grab her and kiss the hell out of her. "What has happened? The atmosphere in Polis University was charged, to say the least. Inside you’ll find one certain person. Her name is Clarke Griffin. She lifted her left arm and presented her knuckles. And the two most important people in her life are trying their best to navigate their grief and every other emotion that this death has caused, and be one another’s comfort in this difficult period. Canon-divergent: an omegaverse world where Anya and Clarke go to see the Commander because the main part of the Ark falls near the Boat People, instead of near the dropship. She does not expect, however, to meet anyone along her way. Note: The details in this story are partially true and, when true, depict some difficulties I faced when working in law enforcement. Complete. [Childhood: 14 years old, Story: 22 years old]. Clarke is an A-student with her mind focused on one goal, to become the schools president. Her mental health was as low as it could be and it was a miracle Madi wasn’t suicidal because she was fearless and wouldn’t have hesitated with killing herself, she was too stubborn and brave for that. Not for Lexa and Clarke. In space is where our group resides. What could go wrong indeed? She was a strategist afterall, prepared to watch and wait for her opportunity.

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Anya lives.

Mentally always so knowledgeable and formidable and physically her clothes, her war paint and braided hair were always immaculate - the signs of the consummate Commander. I know I suck at summaries just give the first chapter a read. Who will survive. But where are the others? Follow her harrowing journey to exact revenge, her sole purpose, kill the Alpha King Bellamy Arelius. Lexa gave everything for the empire and she has lost everything in return. Alpha Lexa (The 100) (281) Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics (243) Omega Clarke Griffin (219) Lexa Has a Penis (The 100) (115) Alpha/Omega (103) Smut (90) Omega Verse (88) Mating Cycles/In Heat (87) Knotting (72) Girl Penis (64) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Les personnages de cette histoire sont empruntés de la série The100 et appartiennent donc à "The CW Television Network". Alone and heartbroken, Clarke spirals down a world of self loathing bringing herself further away from Lexa. Anya continued to sit and stare into the flames and Nyko was looking over some notes, Clarke kissed the top of Anya's head and wished them both a good night. Lexa asked. Clarke is not what everyone thinks she is, she is a mind reader, but not just that, she is much more powerful. With the betrayal at Mount Weather, Clarke finds herself unable to forgive her once lover. No matter how much Lexa wanted to do that she was going to respect Clarke's wishes and wait for the other girl to be ready. In the aftermath of Mount Weather's defeat, Clarke Griffin leaves Bellamy Blake at the gates of Camp Jaha to seek the solace of the forest. This is a Raven/Anya story but there is some Finn/Raven in the beginning since the story is going to generally be following the first 2ish seasons. A very long month. When the Coalition consented, Heda permitted Chancellor Griffin to stocktake Mount Weather resources with a view to fair redistribution and to … Work Search: Humans have been living up in on the Ark. It had been a month since Lexa and Clarke had seen each other. The ark was our salvation.

Clarke understood why Abby was behaving this way. Spoilers ahead for those who have not read Was It all a Dream? A woman that holds the seven seas in her eyes, hair like all the gold in the world, seen as a beauty to most and a friend to all (give or take a few people, maybe take all). Lexa didn't betray Clarke, together they fought and irradiated the facility, Lexa returned to Polis. ; Their fondness for one another growing unexplainable and very guilt-inducing.

Clarke saves the love of her life from Mount Weather and their relationship is tested from there on. This is a clexa fanfiction about Lexa as a ceo that works too much and Clarke as an artist who works in a art gallery. The Commander was in a terrible mood, she was snapping at her own people and not much more civil to the Skaikru. Lexa was hardly disappointed, not ready was certainly not no. No wonder she was somewhat closed off, shut down, Clarke stopped trying and simply placed her hand on Anya's shoulder, Lexa either knew or realised because she handed both women a mug of warmed spiced wine. Within hours of Heda's arrival at Mount Weather, Clarke was concerned.

While attending Ark University with long time girlfriend, Clarke Griffin, Raven falls in love with an alluring biker from the other side of the tracks.

“Ms. “There’s nothing to worry about. When the Coalition consented, Heda permitted Chancellor Griffin to stocktake Mount Weather resources with a view to fair redistribution and to make Mount Weather their permanent settlement.

Secondly, she, as well as everyone else, knew there was some romantic interest between the Commander and her daughter and she was determined to put an end to that. "I'm not worried. And of course what would this be without Clarke too :). It was a gloomy affair by the fire, Ryder and Indra dropped away quickly, Lincoln and Octavia took their leave as soon as they thought they could get away with it, Lexa gave Clarke a pent up stare and made a move for her tent. Please consider turning it on! "Business," Clarked shrugged, "I am sorry, I was so looking forward to seeing you and this tent is not very comfortable, I know.". C'était il y a des années maintenant. Clarke knew that Lexa would come for her, seek her out, she just had to obey her mother and wait. The two women ducked their heads for no physical reason as they walked past the big metal doors to Mount Weather and along a bendy path to find Heda's camp that Indra and the other's set up earlier that day.
They send 100 teens to the ground to save the Ark people. Two things not normally considered to be simultaneously possible. They were to discuss the terms of their alliance, including the resources and the permanent settlement of Mount Weather, with the aim to conclude terms during the three day visit. A moment at the conference turns from pleasant to painful, but can Maggie and Alex work through it? She appeared very unlike her usual self.


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