Convention / Trade Show Chair Massage


Standing and walking for long hours…

  • Sitting in crowded speaker halls…
  • Carrying too many give-aways in the freebie convention bags…
  • Aching Back, Neck, and Shoulders.

Attending meetings, walking exhibition halls, and focusing on seminars for hours cause attendees to be on their feet for long hours on end.

Massage is perfect for...

Convention staff work tirelessly to make sure events run smoothly and according to plan. Putting a convention or trade show together requires plenty of mental and physical energy. Bringing the plan to fruition can be even more stressful. A convention chair massage can alleviate the headaches associated with organizing an event. It’s a wonderful way to show your convention staff gratitude and simply help them feel better. Decrease their stress levels, increase productivity, and prioritize the wellness of your staff with each session.

Massage is perfect for...

Attending meetings, walking exhibition halls, and focusing on seminars for hours cause attendees to be on their feet for long hours on end. This can have a negative effect on the body, but you can proactively take care of your attendees and show you care for them with chair massage. In as little as five minutes, a chair massage can revive attendees’ spirits, stimulate their focus, and give them the energy to get on their feet and continue learning. With a simple convention chair massage, attendees are open to new services, products, and promotions offered in the exhibition halls. Massages are also a great addition for break-out sessions!
Jeanetta was incredibly communicative and flexible in meeting our business' needs. Angie, the massage therapist, was incredibly kind and adapted to our ever changing schedule of attendants during the event! The day was overall easy and stress free and enjoyable for all who attended. Would definitely use Spa Flow again. Also, their prices are GREAT compared to anyone else out there."

Cynthia D

Massage is perfect for...

In the sea of competition, you’ll need something to make sure your booth is truly unique, original, and worth checking out. Going the traditional route of handing out small gifts may delight attendees, but it doesn’t make your business stick in their memory. Massages are indispensable, and leave a noteworthy impression. You want to make an impactful connection with everyone who visits your booth, and a chair massage will help to do just that. While you’re attracting traffic to your booth, our staff will provide comprehensive massages to make sure attendees are excited to learn about your business and stay in good spirits. Our therapists can also help represent your brand by wearing your t-shirts, showing participants their health and wellness is in your best interest.


Duration Rate (per therapist)
2 hour event $120.00 per hour
3-5 hour event $110.00 per hour
6-7 hour event $100.00 per hour
8+ hour event $95.00 per hour
Rates may discounted for events with multiple therapists. Parking fees will be added to locations when parking is not free or validated. All appointments include relaxation music, access to online scheduler and room aromatherapy.

All appointments include:

  • Relaxation Music
  • Access to Online Scheduler
  • Room Aromatherapy
Discounted rates available for monthly/weekly appointments, multi-day events and events requiring 8 or more therapist. We also offer a 5% discount to non-profits and teacher appreciation events that are 3 or more hours long.
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