Frequently Asked Questions About Spa Flow

1What Areas Do You Service?
Washington DC and the surrounding Maryland cities, Baltimore MD, Northern Virginia, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, New Orleans, and Connecticut.
2What do the Therapist Bring with Them?
Your massage therapist will arrive with a massage chair, disposable face rest covers, sanitizing supplies for the chair and their hands. As well room aromatherapy and relaxation music.
3How Do I Decide on How Long Each Chair Massage Should Be?
If you are unsure of what you need, we can help you figure this out. We will take into consideration any timing restrictions, size of staff and your budget.
4How Does Our Staff Schedule Their Chair Massage Appointment?
There are 2 scheduling options. We have an awesome online scheduling system with which your on-site coordinator will have access to the schedule. Or we can send you a printable signup sheet.
5Will You Come To My Home or Hotel?
YES! Chair massage is great for a girls get-together, bridal shower, and birthday celebrations.
6Do I Need to Provide Anything?
Each therapist will need at least 5ft x 5ft of space. Your therapist will also need access to a small trash can and a surface (table, desk, chair) for their supplies.

Massage tables require at least 9 x 11 ft per table

Chair Yoga & Meditation - Each participant will will need a chair

Yoga - Participants must provide their own Mats
7Do you offer massage service other than chair massage?
Yes, we can provide group/event table massage, Hand Massages and Foot Massages
8Is there a maximum # of participants for yoga and meditation classes?
Yes. The max per class is 25 participants. If your group is larger than 25 participants you must be able to provide audio/visual support or you will need more than one instructor.
9Are There any Other Fees?
The only additional fees are if your therapist has to pay any parking fees. We will include parking cost in your final total.
10How Do I Pay?
We do not require deposits. Payment are due at the completion or your appointment. Credit card payments can be mane online. Company checks are net 15 days and can mailed to our company office.

For private clients a credit card is required to confirm your appointment, no funds are held. Payments are charged at completion of appointment.
11What is your cancellation policy?
48 hours notice for is required for appointment cancelations or edits. 50% of your payment is due for any appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice. 100% of your payment is due for any appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. There is no penalty for cancellation due to extreme weather conditions.
12Should I Tip?
Leaving a gratuity for your therapist is up to your discretion. Tipping is not expected or required, however it is appreciated.
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We are being proactive in how we deal with COVID-19 to ensure the safety and well being of all our staff and
clients. To see what procedures we are following please see our blog post.

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