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On-Line Wellness

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Duration Offering Rate Per Class
15 Minutes Mindfulness Meditation $75.00
30 Minutes Chair Yoga, Mat Yoga, or Meditation $150.00
45 Minutes Chair Yoga, Mat Yoga or Yoga/Mediation Combo $225.00
60 Minutes Mat Yoga $300.00
Schedule 4 or more classes and receive a 5% Discount. .
Schedule 12 or more classes receive a 10% Discount.

Rates are based on class max of 20 participants. Smaller Office/Group? Larger Office/Group? Contact Us for custom rates, more information or booking.

Remote Mindfulness Series

Spa Flow would like to assist employers and employees with staying mentally and emotionally well during social distancing and the implementation of work from home .
With brief but consistent live online mindfulness sessions via zoom encompassing chair yoga and meditation, businesses can continue to build morale through creating an online work community during this time. Let us help you shift your mind to what matters most, your mental, physical, emotional well-being and adapting to work transition. If we change our mindset we can find peace in chaos and strength to move through challenging times. We can not control the world around us but we can control the one within us. Let us assist you in combining mindfulness with work to boost morale, cultivate resilience and cultivate work life balance from the comfort of your own home.

4 Week Online Mindfulness Series

  • Two, 15 minute group guided meditations for the month via zoom; one meditation per week.
  • Two, 30 minute group chair yoga sessions for the month via zoom; one chair yoga session per week.
  • Meditation and breathing worksheet to continue your practice independently at home Group coordinator will be emailed the printable meditation and breathing worksheet to send out to participants so they have a reference sheet for home practice.
  • End of the series 20 minute group check in via zoom. Staff will have the opportunity to ask any questions. Questions can also be emailed in advance.
Rate: $530.00

12 Week Remote Mindfulness Series

  • Six, 15 minute group guided meditation sessions via zoom for the entire three month series; 1 meditations per week via zoom.
  • Six, 30 minute group chair yoga sessions via zoom for the entire three month series; 1 chair yoga sessions per week via zoom.
  • One chair yoga and meditation worksheet to practice independently at home -Group coordinator will be emailed one printable meditation worksheet and one printable chair yoga worksheet to send out to participants so they have a reference sheet for home practice.
  • Journal the journey accountability exercise, employees will receive weekly journal prompts to guide you through journaling your personal and professional progress experience through yoga and meditation.
  • Six 20 minute group check to answer any question and do breathwork refresher -occurs once a week.
  • Three group mindfulness team building sessions via zoom. Session will occur once a month at the end of each month. -Emailed questions answered during this time if any. Staff will also participate in a group affirmation, and breath activitirities.
Rate: $1,850.00

Online Wellness

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation for Businesses:

  • Increased Mental focused
  • Relieves mental stress and tension in the body
  • Relieves mental stress and tension in the body
  • Improves employee alertness and ability to adapt in demanding situations
  • General well-being in the workplace which reduces employee turnover
  • Builds employee morale
  • Improves customer service
  • Happier employees and employers

What to Expect :

  • Log in at the same time to live online sessions via zoom which will give team members the ability to see one another.
  • These sessions will not only support you in prioritizing wellness for your teams during social distancing, but assist in shifting mental focus to the present day and help garner positive thoughts for the possibilities of tomorrow.
  • Cultivate present moment awareness, shift your mindset to optimism through gratitude and inner peace focused meditation and yoga sessions.
  • Learn easily accessible chair yoga stretches to relieve tension in the body and recenter the mind.
  • Develop healthy coping mechanism through breathing, meditation and mindful movement
  • Easy to use online scheduling with email and text reminders

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